img_20160804_194300(8/4) Thursday. After a lazy morning, we drove back to Florence and returned the car. We stayed right by the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence – checked in and then spent the evening  exploring the Basilica and walked around the streets. Ended up at the Palazzo Vecchio and saw some sculptures. Crossed over the Ponte Vecchio and walked over to the Piazzale Michalengelo to watch the sunset. Afterwards, a nice dinner at Osteria San niccolo. Good local food. Then a walk back to the AirBnb.



img_20160805_093116img_20160805_104604(8/5) Friday Started early with a quick stop at the train station to drop our luggage and then a visit to Galleria dell’Accademia to visit the David. That ended quickly, so we walked around and ended up at the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Cool looking building, way too crowded so didn’t go inside. There is a little church right in front of me with a ridiculous bronze door – one of which took the builder some 10-20 years to build – it has 10 panels ornately decorated (carved) with excruciating detail.  



img_20160805_150956Continuing the walk, we ended up back at the Palazzo Vecchio and then made our way back up north to Mercato Centrale, passing through the Piazza della Republbica. After some olive oil and balsamic tasting and a bit of shopping, we made the short march to the train station. Retrieved our luggage from storage and had a bite at the cafe there. Yep, that’s penis shaped pasta on the right.

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