IMG-20160801-WA0001(7/28/16) Thursday night, I flew to NYC, worked remotely Friday and then took the “redeye” flight to Milan. (Leslie had been in China visiting family and flew to NYC to meet me there, we stay at her condo). It was hot and humid in Milan with some thunderstorms. After checking in at the Hilton Milan, Saturday evening we just walked around and grabbed a bite at a grocery store food court and walked to a park / grabbed a drink and observed all the people playing Pokemon Go.

We got dinner at Taranta cafe, one of best rated places in Milan according to TripAdvisor. Amazing Burrata. Actually we showed up for happy hour (since dinner is served late) and they serve us a lot of food for free with our drink order. It was filling enough that we didn’t need dinner. You can see I look bit tired so it was nice to go back to the hotel a bit early and get some rest after the long flight.


IMG-20160801-WA0002(7/31) Sunday: Relaxed start, walked around the Milan Duomo and on the roof. I vaguely recall Liam Neeson running around the roof and jumping onward to another roof in one of he Taken movies, it might have been this roof, but then we couldn’t find another roof nearby he could have jumped on to. Maybe I am misremembering the city that was in. 

Anyway, after a nice lunch, we did a tour to go see the Codex Atlanticus (Pages from DaVinci’s notebook) as well as the Last Supper. They only display 20 pages at a time and this time the pages were focused on military equipment. Apparently, the Last Supper was hidden in the wall until a few hundred years ago and some monks decided to build a door through the wall – they didn’t know there was a painting buried in there. So, the section of the painting with Jesus’s legs is now missing – its the top of the doorway.


IMG_20160731_213957For dinner, we went to an up and coming neighborhood with canal-side restaurants. We ate at one in their outdoor seating while it was pouring rain – like torrential downpour for a solid hr or two. The guy had to keep draining the water that collected on the canopy. The pizza (pic above) was delicious. It was still raining, though not as hard, when we went back to the hotel by subway.

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