img_20160810_180819(8/10) Wednesday. Left ridiculously early in the morning and drove the car back to Rome (Ciampano) airport and caught our RyanAir flight to Copenhagen. RyanAir is pretty horrible. After waiting in the cramped terminal, we were forced to wait some more outside on the tarmac in the heat. Being a budget airline, they charge for everything onboard, even water. Once we landed, it immediately felt colder – stark difference from the heat of the mediterranean. We took a train to city center and checked into our B&B in the old town. We walked around the old town a bit, hopped into an english pub for a beer as we waited out the rain. Had an early dinner at a local restaurant, albeit a bit touristy, trying to get some local food. Food was fantastic, but still pretty bright out after dinner so we ended up walking a bit more and ended up at Nyhavn. Obligatory pic on the right. Afterwards, more walking and exploring before returning back to the B&B for the night. We were a bit sleep deprived from having had to get up early.  

img_20160811_094929(8/11) Thursday. Started the day with a danish at what Google told us was the oldest bakery in town. It was quite delicious. Actually I asked for a Danish and they looked at me like I am an idiot as it turns out ‘danish’ refers to a class of pastries. It wasn’t filling enough so we went to another cafe for a second breakfast, which proved to be too much. The place was set up inside what appeared to be a library (lots of books on the wall). Checked out of our AirBnb and headed to the airport a bit early. Grabbed a really nice (and expensive) sushi lunch at a sushi boat place at the airport before getting on the flight to Ft. Lauderdale. Arrived late Thursday US EST, got a rental car, picked up dad and drove to Ft. Myers.


Rant: FLL is the worst airport we’ve ever experienced. Our Norwegian 787 did not have a gate so we had to take buses to the terminal. We stood outside the door and in queue for quite a long time before being let into passport control. Slow as hell passport control, despite which, it took forever to get our bags. After we got our bags, we had to wait in a line that wrapped around the baggage claim area to get through customs – where you just hand them the form and go on. 2 hrs from touchdown to exiting airport. Incompetent border control.

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