img_20160808_163813(8/8) Monday. After we checked out of the AirBnb, we rented a car (diesel vw golf auto) from the airport and drove to our hotel near Pompeii. Lunch at a rest stop. Driving was mostly highway driving and there might have been parts w/o speed limit but there were tons of speed cameras – not sure if I get a ticket, I guess I will find out in a few months. The hotel was insane – old school italian – family run – deckedĀ out – and not terribly expensive (<$100/night).

img_20160808_195723-1After check-in, we drove to the Almafi coast, to the first town (Positano) and stopped at a wine bar from some prosecco. It was a hairy drive, narrow cliffside roads with aggressive italian drivers. For dinner, we decided to drive back, grab some food at a local grocery store, and eat it back at the hotel while enjoying the sunset view. I got 200g of prosciutto for 1 euro.. insane and delicious. And the view was to die for: Silhouette of MountVesuvius dominating as the sun set over the Mediterranean.










img_20160809_153202(8/9) Tuesday. Pompeii is a surreal place, particularly the ruins of Pompeii. We spent the day exploring the ruins, it was a lot of walking. Pretty well preserved structures, even some dead bodies. Some of the art inside some of the preserved houses looks pretty advanced. Took a break for a nice lunch at a local place – delicious food – and very nice cheap wine. Returned to Pompeii to see some more ruins before heading back to the hotel.

Chilled at the hotel pool for a bit in the afternoon and then got ready for for dinner. We had to dress up a bit and get to a really nice restaurant, a michelin 2-star place this time, Torre del Saracino. I had signed up for the 25 course meal, which seemed daunting. We were late getting there due to traffic and a pretty big Google Maps fail. Actually, Google Maps proved to be a constant disappointment on this trip. Anyway, so they advised the 9 course meal which seemed more manageable, but turned out to actually be 12+ courses. Of course, I got the wine pairing. Overall the food was awesome but not commensurate with the hype – and they never explained why a particular wine was paired with that dish. Nonetheless, some food porn below.


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