Ft. Myers

(8/12-14) Friday-Sunday. The long weekend was spent in Ft. Myers with the family. Jeeya seemed to like Leslie a lot more than me. Friday was family time, we went out in the afternoon and got a family photoshoot at the […]


(8/8) Monday. After we checked out of the AirBnb, we rented a car (diesel vw golf auto) from the airport and drove to our hotel near Pompeii. Lunch at a rest stop. Driving was mostly highway driving and there might […]


(8/5) Friday Afternoon. We took the train to Rome, which at times moved at 250+kph, and checked into our AirBnb there. Went out after a short rest, grabbed a quick dinner at a nearby restaurant, Taverna Romana. Food was so-so despite […]


(7/28/16) Thursday night, I flew to NYC, worked remotely Friday and then took the “redeye” flight to Milan. (Leslie had been in China visiting family and flew to NYC to meet me there, we stay at her condo). It was […]